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The bell tolls for peace amidst chaos...

There’s a bell that tolls in a tower in the north, a bell that beckons me to remember, to reflect… one that whispers wisdom on the wind and brings spirit not only to me… but through me.

It’s a lovely sunny October day, one that speaks of spring and rebirth rather than the decay of autumn and its promise of a cold, harsh winter to come.

I stand barefoot in the grass, blissfully connected to the cool, moist earth beneath my feet, summoned to this place of reflection, to this essence of belonging to the spirits that surround, guide, and forever protect me.

I’m reminded here of the fragility of the gossamer threads that weave a quiet strength and purpose into the superhero capes that clothe us all…often imperceptibly.


This is a sacred space I’m standing in, a cemetery… perhaps a place of sadness for many, yet, for me, a place of comfort in many ways.

There’s a pervasive energy here of both the divinity within my own being, and of the societal intention of this sacred ground in gracing all those having walked the earth with a place of remembrance… and of honor… upon it.

As a child, I spent many Sundays climbing the rickety wooden staircase that spirals upward within the bell tower of the carillon – the climb was daunting, but the precipitous steps I took were filled with the anticipation of the beauty of the pure essence of sound I’d soon be witness to.

Melodious vibrations that reached outward…expansive by nature,  intended toward a much wider audience than this little girl whose heart was as open as her ears to the gift that was my Uncle.

My Uncle.. a man blessed not only with an ear for music, but with a heart that sourced a divine love for humanity and an incredible commitment to uplifting others. He brought to his music a sense of humility and purity that essentially enveloped the listener into a tangible embrace.

His was a life of service…connected to spirit, rooted in community. My inclusion in this ritual of hope, faith, and an otherworldly presence provided me an apt introduction to the “we” inside of “me”.

A fresh, young soul - open and receptive, I would learn to dance in an ethereal realm of spirit and to find purity at the center of my understanding of life and of love. This is the light shone upon me in my youth. ..

I am gratitude at the heart of my being.  I’m honored to be entrusted with this memory and a vision that reflects this truth, this connectedness of all that is, that was, and that will be.

The invisible cloak that shields me in times of great challenge is one that is rooted in spirit…in the victories and the failures of those that preceded me... and in the faith that we'll find our way forward as they did, ever reaching... ever evolving.

These capes we don are ours to acknowledge with a sense of awe. They bring to us the essence of the power we must call upon if we are to truly leap into faith and step into our own purest authenticity.

My intention this October day was to gather the spirits most influential to my own journey such that I could bring their voices and their wisdom to my writing…to my message.

As I walk through the labyrinth of headstones I am called to the memories of our collective humanity…  to the grief, the love, the sadness, the fear, the joy, the heartache, the tenderness, and the inspiration that surrounds and shapes us all in our individual yet interlocking paths on this journey of living we both witness and experience.

Little did I know on this uplifting October day, I’d come to revisit this sense of the collective mosaic of human emotion more and more in the coming weeks and months…

Like so many, I had been disturbed and disheartened by the campaign rhetoric in an election season that sparked division and challenged so many of us to our very cores. Personally, I like to think globally and act locally. I have never been a fan of labels… I'm not particularly interested in politics or the media. And although I've struggled at times and been witness to the struggle of others’, I hold hope and have faith.

I believe in empowerment of all people. We are one. We are essentially cut from the same cloth… we can choose to don our capes of power, aggression, and fear... or ones of humility, understanding, and love to create new realities for ourselves and for others.

The tone of the presidential elections offended my sensibilities on so many levels. As I'm sure, it did you regardless of affiliation to any party.

And here we are…. Superhero capes were donned and voices that previously were silenced are now being heard. Now there’s a new dissension among the ranks… those whose sensibilities were seemingly irreparably harmed by the conversations that were hurtful, derogatory, and disheartening to so many.

I say seemingly…not because the harm and hurt isn't real and so very painful…but because, we can, if we choose to…transform this hurt, begin to change our perception of its underlying message.

I've been paralyzed, unable to come to terms with this outcome and with the continuing dissension and unease.

I believe love should “trump” hate… that our choice of words should reflect our values…that our commitment to shaping our children’s perception of the world, their worth, and their sense of empathy and esteem… are the core of our collective existence. We are all understandably shaken when a man whose words so blatantly contradict our shared values has been validated and endorsed by so many of our fellow citizens.

But…there’s a “why” that we need to consider with open minds and open hearts. This victory was precipitated by an underlying fear in so many, a fear which was pervasive yet seemingly invisible to almost half the population. The same fear that is now being experienced by those who were shaken by the rhetoric that overshadowed the campaign but at the same time were blind to the fear of their fellow countrymen.

If we can't agree on the issues… let us heal our blindness.

Let us acknowledge and help each other through the fear… fear was the catalyst to the outcome of this election… and acknowledgement of and empathy for our shared capacity for this all-encompassing emotion can provide a framework for all Americans to heal their differences and thus provide a unifying force in moving toward a future where freedom from fear is a sustainable reality.

Transformation begins when discomfort becomes an unbearable burden.

Discomfort and disillusion have been very big realities for many Americans it would seem. Perhaps another reality for those who have prided themselves on empathy and inclusivity, and have fought valiantly for equality is that they missed it, as I did...didn't see the dire need to balance the scales of inequity in economic arenas in addition to the humanitarian arenas they were already engaged in.

Whether or not Mr. Trump will balance those scales and help to distribute the wealth more evenly among the population is, I'm sure, a question that haunts every American, whether or not they voted for him.

We do know that voters have risked the status quo for change… 

It seems that Mr. Trump has long been a part of the 1% that his supporters are railing against currently. It would seem counterintuitive to believe that he'll be an effective catalyst for the financial reform the nation is summoning… and it seems counterintuitive to believe he'll be an effective leader on the world stage given his capacity to alienate so many.

Yet…I find myself hopeful.

I'm hopeful that those like me who oppose this new administration will begin to overcome their disgust, their horror, their deep seated fear that the bigotry and misogyny they witnessed through the campaign will pervade the presidency… and that they will, like me, look to the “why” of how we got here… that they'll find the empathy and understanding toward the many Americans whose lives had become so hard, so discouraging, that they ignored the rhetoric and simply voted for radical change.

Maybe…one day… we'll thank them - for calling to discussion yet again...our shared humanity. It's through heart centered dialog that we expand our awareness.

Let us remember... there are no "accidents".

Everything happens for a reason...

Perhaps in this challenge, we'll cultivate an expansion of our caring, each for the other... perhaps we'll find a way to overcome our animosity and separateness and truly connect in our heart centers and move a little further forward in uniting for a common good of all.

It's up to the fearful to get out of their "funk" - we need to raise our vibration and our consciousness toward finding accord and fostering compassion. It's our job to raise our vibrations more than ever. Those who got their wish on election day are euphoric... a higher vibration than what led them to vote...

Higher frequencies promote peace...let's not let the majority (popular vote) sink into a low vibration that fosters yet more division..

The always... is to go high!

Don your capes of courage and creativity - banish the fear...transform it into positive heart centered action.

Think differently... in challenge lies opportunity.

I leave you with this – a testament to the courage of those who dare to think differently… from Apple.

Please…let’s find our common ground…  with thoughtful vigilance in guarding that which is already good and fair…and move onward and upward together. Let's all be rebels for reconciliation.

Let's try to elevate our mindsets together, peacefully and creatively...

... to find new and innovative solutions to the discord that's brought us here to this crossroads

... to model and embrace inclusion of all

... to safeguard the freedoms so hard won in our history

Think different

"Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of ...


Like the bell tower that calls me to spirit….

I'm being called to expansion and empathy on a scale like no other….

Are You?

Like the seasons, we are called into being… into a rhythm that beckons us forward and encourages us to evolve…

A new season is dawning in America and around the globe…

For those fearing the new paradigm, Americans and citizens of the world…have faith in what’s good to get better.

Quiet minds hear wisdom's whisper... one that guides us toward temperance...modeling and encouraging it.

For those reveling in victory…have compassion for those who have inherited the fear you're now shedding. Their fear is real...and not unwarranted, like your own.

The bell has tolled for clarity....towards seeing each other, to shed the veil of judgement, don our superhero capes, and to move forward together in a spirit of cooperation, conciliation, and unconditional love.

Ponder just for a raise your own vibration - what memory or moment in your life elevated your spirits? Gave you a glimpse into your own superhero cape capacity? Draw on that now...

My uncle, sadly, has long since passed to his final resting place next to the carillon, but years ago I found the perfect tribute to the music he so lovingly tolled in the bell tower. They're wind chimes, Corinthian Bells and they 're a soothing and somewhat haunting testament to the meeting of nature and human imagination. They connect me to my deepest self.

Corinthian Bells

Please consider the possibility for transformation that exists in healing the division we're all feeling so acutely in this moment.

This is how we heal...this is how we move together into the future.

Blessed be.

ever...     Esther

    You're invited!

       Pease join me... updated articles and transformational techniques to enhance your wellbeing. 

 From my desk to yours...

with much love and light!

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