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A Note on Intimacy

Most of us, when we think of intimacy, we think of our significant other, or we might consider our lack thereof and consequently feel our lives may be lacking in intimacy. There's a sexual connotation to our association with the word itself. Interesting, isn't it?

Why is that?

Intimacy is so much more, and can, if we allow and welcome it to, exist in all of our closest relationships. It's existence is rooted in trust.

Many of us have been hurt, and have consequently erected barriers and closed ourselves off to trusting another, but without trust intimacy suffers. Without opening yourself fully to another it's impossible to be fully and completely yourself.

It's about.... allowing ourselves to be truly seen...of sharing our joys, our strengths...and the pesky vulnerabilities that we least like to expose. To be truly intimate with others, we need to expose our soft underbellies, and to trust that acceptance, understanding...and most likely a sense of simpatico will foster a relationship that mirrors back, one to the other, our best selves.

It's such a gift to be truly seen...and accepted.

Open yourself to others...let them truly see you.

Save the masks for Halloween. You don't need them.

You are uniquely yourself - don't deny others that cross your path the privilege of truly knowing you.


Let's explore our inner landscapes together...

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Let's walk this path together in reverence to life itself and with tolerance...for ourselves as well as for others.