On Gratitude

Thoughts are things.

Choose them carefully!

Where thoughts go, energy travels, if you choose gratitude, more things to be grateful for will find their way to you...

This is the Law of Attraction - like attracts like.

I invite you to count your many blessings...


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On Intimacy

We're not talking sex here (although that's nice too).

We're talking emotional intimacy in all of our closest relationships - opening the channels to true communication and truly sharing ourselves with those we hold dear.

Trust is essential - here we learn techniques to let go of our fear of being vulnerable... to trust in the moment and in each other.



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On Spontaneity

Learning to "go with the flow" truly frees us...

Allowing ourselves room to grow and time to explore both the natural world and our own inner landscapes opens the door to spiritual growth.

Learn to trust in the spirits that guide and protect you. Be open to the messages they're sending... serendipitous coincidences that put you in the right place at the right time...

Quiet the mind to hear the whisper...


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A Philosophy for Living Healthfully

To live happily and healthfully in the world around us, there are three things that we all must strive to cultivate.

Find balance... realize your potential... leave a footprint that is uniquely your own..


Find Your Bliss

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