Resist and Persist!



Resist!     Persist!

In an increasingly uncertain and unsettling environment, its important to take time and energy for self care, time to rest and reflect upon next steps...

Information overwhelm has reached pandemic proportions and deciding where our energies and effort are most needed is yet another gargantuan task that further stresses us.

When we're in overwhelm, we're stressed.

When we're stressed, the fight, flight, or freeze mechanism kicks in...

And at that point, we have neither the "marbles" nor the energy to fight our way out of a paper bag, much less access creative solutions for tackling the many challenges that need to be addressed in this fight for democracy...for freedom... for a respite from the burgeoning grip of dread and fear as to what our collective future may hold.

We get stuck.

But there is a way to counter the effects of the constant stream of stresses coming our way. It's imperative to calm the stress and allow faith and hope to find us through the fog. Fear is never the answer..

Borrowing from therapies and protocols that honor our physical bodies, our emotional balance, and our spiritual aspirations is key.


Keeping it simple and effective is paramount - we have not the time to delve into a universe of exciting quantum physics lessons and how they play out individually in our inherent natures, rather we need a targeted protocol to get us through this unique historic hurdle. I offer such a program here.

Once equilibrium is restored and we all heave a sigh of relief, there'll be time to learn more intricacies of this invisible subtle world of energy that animates our being and has the power to create a loving and sustainable reality for one and all.

Until then, never doubt your power to imagine... to create.

We've been referred to as "snowflakes"..totally fitting!

Snowflakes - in Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Five Element Theory - are:

Water Element - Energy of potentiation...everything begins with water

Archetype is the Philosopher - in pursuit of truth

Yes we are.

May we make waves....flurries... and avalanches..

May we do so in an energy of love, acceptance...and always ..humor!


So many creative souls are stepping up, stepping out! Kudos to this comic!

Onward we march.

Sustain your energies.

Don't allow deliberately contrived stressors to steal your life force or your resolve.

Learn to counteract the destructive forces of stress.

Say yes...

Click on button below to access a comprehensive routine to balance your energies and counteract your stress. 1 hr to learn...simply minutes daily for self-care. Includes 30 minute tutorial and 36 printable pages as reminder of what to do...and when!

We need you. We love you. United we stand..

Ever... Esther

My shop...

10 % of proceeds to:


Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR)

A respectful and grateful salute to our neighbors in the North for their open arm policy with regard to our fleeing refugees and to others seeking freedom.

A sneak peek!

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