Meridian Energy Pathways


Meridian Energies support the flow of energy to our organs in the physical body. Meridians are like an energy "bloodstream" and are the basis of Chinese Medicine as well as the foundation of acupuncture treatments.

There are fourteen meridians in the meridian system, twelve of which take the name of the organ through which they pass. These twelve meridians are actually part of one long chain of energy that surfaces twelve times on different parts of the body.

Each of these twelve meridians has a peak energy period for two hours of each day, and consequently also a low period.

Like tides in the ocean controlled by the moon, we too march to a rhythm within, yet outside of ourselves.

We rise, become hungry, and become sleepy according to the rhythms of this meridian energy flow.

Learning to balance your meridians, by the way, is an excellent self help tool for avoiding jet lag!

Resetting the high and low tides to the new time zone is the key. This will be covered in chapters available below.

Meridian energy can be tested with the use of kinesiology. Individual energy tests for each of the meridians are the foundation of the Touch for Health methodology developed by Dr. John Thie.  Energy imbalances may be tested, corrected, and verified by using this technique.

Here's a video of Dr. John Thie in action: 

Touch for Health Demo with Dr. John Thie


Another technique is that of using alarm points to assess imbalances in individual meridians. Meridian energy flow can be balanced through nutrition, color, sound, magnets, acupressure, neurolymphatic and neurovascular reflex points, or simply by tracing the pathway using the magnetic field of one's palm.

Learn how to use your hands as tools to test as well as move these energies! Learn techniques for pain reduction too...   

An excellent Book written by Dr. John Thie can be purchased here:Here's an effective method using neurovascular reflexes to help support the meridian energies:

Touch For Health (book purchase)

Here's an effective method using neurovascular reflexes that helps to support the meridian energies: