The Five Elements

The Five Element Theory is rooted in Chinese Medicine. Below you'll find a simple introduction to Five Element applications.

The elements correspond with specific meridians, and meridians correspond not only with organs in the physical body, but also with emotions. Elements also correspond with archetypal energy and seasons or cycles of life. The five elements indeed incorporate a true model of the mind, body, spirit approach to holistic health.

Each element has two paired meridians associated with it, one being yin (inward, feminine energy) and the other being yang (outward, more masculine energy). Fire element is the exception, including four meridians, two yin, two yang.

 These elements have interacting relationships, and also align with seasons or rhythms in life. We, as individuals, embody an underlying essence of a particular element or rhythm, even as moving through the seasons of change in our lives. You may recognize certain elements of your own way of being, or recognize the challenges that re-occur in your life.


 The elements affect each other through both a creative cycle and a control cycle. Using the five element theory, multiple imbalances in the energy field can be assessed and the root of the imbalance can be identified and treated. Methods used to enhance balance of the elements include the use of color, acupressure, acupuncture, and even simple exercises that create harmony and better flow within and between the elements.

Because of the underlying flow and control cycles, working with one disturbed element can ultimately balance the whole cycle.

Efficient and effective!

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The Five Elements  What Rhythm do you march to?

Something to ponder...

Do you recognize which rhythm best describes you... in your inherent rhythm, or perhaps a season you're passing through presently?